Green Initiatives

True North: Strong & Green

True North Sports + Entertainment and the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club are committed to reducing our environmental impact and being a leader in the community. We work tirelessly to monitor and improve the environmental footprint of our sports facilities and operations including Bell MTS Place and the Bell MTS Iceplex. Our efforts are primarily focused on the implementation of recycling, waste management, energy efficiencies and water conservation.


  1. All cardboard is recycled and bailed. Approximately 100 lbs. per day.
  2. Large ‘Recycle Everywhere’ bins located throughout Bell MTS Place.
  3. Plastic bottles are picked and separated by Bell MTS Place housekeeping staff. Once separated, they are compacted and transported to recycling depots by employees.
  4. All hand towels and toilet paper are made of recycled materials.
  5. All paper used in the True North offices is recycled.
  6. Our print publications are FSC certified. When possible we make every effort to get our publications FSC certified by our printers, which includes 10,000 80-page programs per game.
  7. Built in 2004, Bell MTS Place was built with concrete and steel studs with drywall instead of wood. In addition, wherever possible, builders used material with recycled content as a surface finish (e.g. strawboard on the main concourse).

Waste Management

  1. All kitchen scraps and coffee grinds used in the building are composted. They total approximately 2000 lbs. per week.
  2. Where possible we use compostable containers in Bell MTS Place. All of our liquor cups are made of a corn based material, while most of the food containers are compostable and improving all the time.
  3. All of the cooking oils used in Bell MTS Place are collected and recycled into biodiesel and sold in rural Manitoba.


  1. In 2008 Bell MTS Place upgraded its heating system by purchasing an electric boiler to be used alongside our natural gas boiler. Hydroelectric power available in Manitoba is a cleaner energy source than natural gas and reduces our carbon-electric footprint. Our natural gas boiler is used as a secondary heating source and only kicks in if necessary.
  2. Only high efficiency fluorescent lighting is used inside Bell MTS Place.
  3. All Bell MTS Place exterior lighting is LED, which offers energy-savings, cost-savings, low-voltage operation, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and is environmental safe.
  4. Bell MTS Place ice plant water treatment system uses reverse osmosis, as opposed to harmful chemicals.
  5. Bell MTS Place’s glass façade is designed to allow natural light in, minimizing the need for artificial light. In addition the windows are constantly cleaned by housekeeping staff to allow in as much sun as possible to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  6. The True North staff use a conservation management approach, meaning that staff make a conscious effort to schedule utilities to minimize resource use by introducing new equipment and better scheduling software.
  7. All lighting and major equipment is now powered up in stages where possible, which dramatically reduces electrical spikes.


  1. All plumbing fixtures in Bell MTS Place and True North offices, including shower heads and sink faucets, are low flow fixtures which dramatically reduce water use.


  1. All of the chemical products purchase and used in cleaning Bell MTS Place are ‘Certified Green’.
  2. True North promotes a ride your bike to work campaign annually where individual and companywide efforts are recognized in CO2 emission savings.
  3. True North utilizes a paperless payroll system that reduces the paper use for over 500 full-time and part-time employees.
  4. Overall, when any upgrades are being considered for building operations and equipment, our team makes every effort to purchase the most sustainable product available.

Future Initiatives

2011-2012 – Variable Frequency Drives

We are in Year 2 of 2 to introduce VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) on our rooftop HVAC units, which allows us to adjust our fan speeds on the units down to very low speeds and significantly reduce energy consumption.

2013-2014 – Heat Recapture

We are currently developing a process to re-capture heat from our ice plant where recycled heat will be used to heat the water for our Zambonis as well as the loading dock area. In addition, it will be used in the underground pipes in the loading ramp to keep it from icing up in the winter.

2013-2014 – Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Bell MTS Place is planning to purchase an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system for our make up air unit. HRV captures the heat from exhausted air and recycles it, providing fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating (and cooling) requirements.

2014-2015 – Power Factor Correction

Bell MTS Place is planning to invest in Power Factor Correction equipment for our main electrical distribution room which will allow the building to have a better control of our power use by controlling any surges of electricity that might occur.

By the Numbers

Since June 2008 we have diverted the following amounts of organic waste from landfill sites:

2008 – 11,330 kg. (12.5 tons)
2009 – 21,700 kg. (23.9 tons)
2010 – 20,190 kg. (22.3 tons)
2011 – 21,835 kg. (24.1 tons)
2012 – 8,090 kg. (as of May 2012)

Green Sports Alliance

The Winnipeg Jets and Bell MTS Place are proud to be members of the Green Sports Alliance (GSA). The GSA is a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce the environmental impact of professional sports and to inspire fans to join in the efforts. GSA is working with sports teams, sponsors and other stakeholders to identify the necessary tools to make informed sustainable choices that benefit their fans, their venues, their bottom lines and the environment. Visit for more information.

“I was please to see NHL hockey back in Winnipeg and I am even more please to have the Jets join the Alliance. They’ve completed an impressive range of greening initiatives at Bell MTS Place, and as they continue to advance their work, they will be a great asset to the Alliance.”
— David Muller, Green Sports Alliance Membership Director

NHL Green

The NHL Green initiative has a mandate to successfully promote ‘greening’ around the league and engaging clubs to develop their own sustainability efforts. Visit for more information.